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Serving southern Montgomery County, MD, and Washington DC

877-MYVETNOW / (301) 774-5656

Common Sense Veterinary Care That Comes to You

How it Works:

MyVetCalls is a veterinary care provider for dogs and cats in the greater Washington DC area - for pet owners who want quality pet care to be the most convenient and compassionate it can be. Make your family home the place your pet receives his or her care, and experience how stress-free the waiting-room experience can be.

MyVetCalls Appointment Process

1. Your pet needs veterinary care

2. You call MyVetCalls to make an appointment

3. MyVetCalls comes to you!

4. Your pet is happy, healthy and comfortable at home

5. MyVetCalls follows up to make sure your pet is feeling better

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Dogs and kids

Since 1993, Dr. Solomon Perl has provided comprehensive veterinary care in the comfort of a pet’s home—the best place for any pet to be at ease. Whether your beloved pet is sick or needs immediate health care, or if he or she simply needs general wellness care like vaccinations or flea and tick prevention, MyVetCalls is ready to answer the call—so contact us today!

Scheduling an Appointment

You call (301) 774-5656. If the veterinarian is in transit he will answer the phone and you will speak directly to him. If the veterinarian is with a patient then you will leave him a message with your name and phone number spoken loud and clear and he will call you back at his first available moment.

We will do our best to schedule the appointment at your convenience during regular business hours.

After hours calls are available for established clients with sick animals. The housecall veterinarian is not an after hours/emergency provider but he does his best to accommodate special circumstances. The first home visit of the day is often scheduled for 7:30 a.m.

The veterinarian will arrive as close as possible to the scheduled appointment time. Often traffic and extended time spent with previous clients make this hard to predict. Your flexibility allows our doctors to provide the best health care for all of our patients.

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  • Thank you so much for so promptly sending the heartworm medicine for Bartleby and all of the excellent care you provide for him.


  • Thank you for your compassionate care of Bitty during this difficult time. I am grateful for all you did for her, and especially grateful that she was at home at the end and for your kind help to me in dealing with this. I hope that you'll eventually hear from me again for a happier purpose.


  • I wasn't able to find the right words to thank you when you brought Rowdy's remains back to us. Thank you for your kindness and compassion during the whole procedure and before talking on the phone with Mike in deciding what to do. As difficult as it was there was some comfort and peacefulness in letting Rowdy go in our own backyard by St Francis. A place he loved so much. We appreciate you hand delivering our special guy back to us.


  • Thank you for sending the meds and for fielding my call about Rudy yesterday. So grateful for you.


  • I wanted to let you know how blessed I feel to have had you as my vet in Cupid's final days. You were very supportive and showed both Cupid and myself compassion in making this hard decision. I really do feel it was because of you and your service that Cupid was so at ease and accepting when the time came. The only thing I wish I could change, would be having you as our veterinarian much sooner than the final few weeks.


  • Thank you so much for all of your practical, applicable surgical advise. I learned a lot of valuable techniques and appreciate you taking the time to impart some wisdom. It was nice working with you.

    —Erin, veterinary extern at WARL

  • Thank you so much for helping us guide Tim back to good health!


  • Thank you for being the best vet. Ever.


  • We want to thank you so much again for your compassion and the extraordinary gift of your time this morning to help Smokey leave us. You were kind to Smokey, Tigert and us. You epitomize the best of your profession and of humanity. Those who are fortunate enough to know you realize you are a gift. We are lucky to have found you.

    —Sally & Bill

  • Thank so much for helping us with Lulu. She's doing really well today. Vets are much nicer than MD's So maybe I'll switch Dr's and come to you! Thanks for recommending the specialist and being such an all around good guy.

    —Carolyn & Jim

  • I know I growl and carry on when you come over, but since your last visit I've been feeling grrrrreat! Thanks for everything! When I growl next time you stop by, I won't really mean it. You're the best


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